web designers cayenne peppers
120716: web designer's cayenne peppers
this year we planted three cayenne pepper plants. they grew to be about 12 inches tall. each plant produced 3 to 5 cayenne peppers, about 4 to 5 inches long. first green, then turning red, at which point we pruned them from the plant and hung them outside to dry in the sun. we will grind them into a fine powder once they are ready. another round of cayennes have since appeared on each of the three plants.
web designers potato harvest
120704: web designer's potato harvest
sometimes things just happen. after all, it's a moshBox world, right? yes. so fate would have it that our composting of kitchen scraps would lead to some of those scraps not being quite ready to give it all up for the soil---possessing the urge to cheat death. guess we can all relate to that. so, back in may, a plant started to grow in our backyard garden that wasn't part of our spring plantings. a weed? [we thought]...perhaps. but instead of pulling this weed, we decided to let it grow and satisfy our curiosity about what it might be. well, what it might be turned out to be a russet potato plant. but we didn't plant any russet potatoes, however, we do eat russet potatoes. so, yes, our kitchen scraps live on!
web designers tomato garden
120628: web designer's tomato garden
we planted six tomato plants this year in the web designer's garden. each plant is a different variety. we are happy to report that all of the plants are doing very well and we are starting to see our first green tomatoes on all plants. we are anxious to see them turn red and get the first tastes of these little beauties!
web designers garlic garden
120520: web designer's garlic garden
the moshBox garlic garden got a jump start this year with all of the warm columbus, ohio weather we had here. planted back in early november, the garlic is bursting with life and growing very well right now as a result of all the great sunshine we have been getting over the past few weeks. there are about 40 total garlic plants in the web designer's garden---representing a year's supply of future sunday gravies. yum!
web designers pizza
120501: web designer's pizza shop
when not working late in the design studio, this web designer is busy making delicious designs in the kitchen. shown above is the latest version of the perfect pizza. it involves homemade dough, fresh veggies like basil, onions, oregano and garlic, all from the garden when possible. also included in this tasty pie are certified D.O.P. italian tomatoes, fresh mozzarella di bufala cheese and extra-virgin olive oil. the entire process is an in-house proprietary secret developed over years of 'perfecting'. mangia! mangia!
late night in the studio
120412: late night in the studio
iphigenia is happy to put in the extra hours necessary to meet a project deadline. she will definitely get the 'employee of the month' parking spot next month. congrats!
wood table design
120313: the woodshop
the latest project happening in the moshBox woodshop is a table. partially created from reclaimed wood from the last 5 years of our house remodel, this table will be 80 inches long and 21 inches wide. the top is 1.5 inches thick and will be mounted on a base of open shelves with a large center drawer. the wood species included in this piece are maple, oak, pine, cypress, cherry, cedar and poplar. the glueing stage is shown above.
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the future of web design
120301: moshBox
let's begin, again. 2012 is the year of 'evolution' for moshBox. web design is now 'responsive' and means tailoring web sites that not only work across 5 major web browsers [internet explorer, firefox, chrome, safari and opera], but also display correctly on the growing diversity of internet-enabled devices [computers, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, etc.]. moshBox is positioned to meet the present and future demands of the new 'mobile' web and its ever expanding presence in our lives as the web and our lives become, well, one. the bright side is that all of these new demands bring new opportunities to capture, and moshBox is here with a new look and new outlook to do just that—seize the web—carpe interrete!